Sequence of transformer Manufacturing

Utec transformers are manufactured completely at Utec plant. The sequence of manufacturing|
goes very smooth on the factory layouts as described below:


Electrical Silicon Steel is cut by a top of the line-automated machine. The Cutting is very accurate with high speed. It covers various range of transformers capacities. Required design data from the Engineering Dept., and is directly connected to the machine's computer, operates the machine.


The transformer's cores are assembled on hydraulic tables, which fit the cores and put them in the vertical position after completion of stacking.


The LV windings which are made of copper foils, are wound via high speed and accurate machines. These winding machines are controlled by PLC's.


The HV windings which are made of enameled copper wires are wound too by high speed and accurate winding machine controlled by PLC's.


The completed LV/HV windings are pressed and cured by DC curing machine.


The windings are assembled on the cores at the location designated for that using specialized overhead cranes.


All Electrical connections are completed after that.


The completed active parts are then dried by the ovens in order to increase the electrical insulation characteristics and to got out any traces on moisture before for tanking.


Transformers tanks are made at Utec utilizing the very sophisticated automatic fin folding line. After that, the tanks are cleaned by grit blasting machine preparing them for painting. Each tank is painted with sufficient no. of layers to ensure its standability against rust and harsh environmental conditions.


The transformers tanks are flood panted applying anti-corrosive primer and alkyd enamel as a finish coat.


The dried active parts are assembled inside the tanks. Tanks after that, are filled with oil under vacuum.


After the completion of the Transformers, routine tests are applied as per IEC standards. In addition to that, some type tests can be performed too at Utec laboratory like temperature rise and Noise Level Tests.


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